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Stacey's sketch pad is filled with the art of Arabians and other horses, plus song birds from the flower garden, mythical unicorns, fanciful sea creatures, favorite dinosaurs, and occasionally, a beautiful face.

  • Backstretch Thorougbred

    Backstretch Thoroughbred NFT
    An abstract digital art NFT of a Thoroughbred racehorse galloping down the backstretch.

    Thoroughbred Ride 
  • Floral Arrangement

    Floral Arrangement NFT began as a line drawing of a vase of flowers set on a table. As she worked to refine the leafy image, it turned into a soft pastel abstract painting.

    Pastel Flowers 
  • Parthenon Horse

    The Parthenon Horse NFT is Stacey's digital painting of a proto-Arabian horse inspired by the Parthenon's classic marble sculpture of the Horse of Selene.

    Parthenon Horse 
  • Arabian Horse with Flying Mane began as an original gesture drawing and become a series of uniquely beautiful horses.

    Flying Mane

    Arabian Horse with Flying Mane NFT
    Arabian Horse with Flying Mane started as a gesture drawing and became a series of brightly colored fantasy horses. 

    Flying Mane 
  • Cantering Horses

    A Cantering Horse NFT is a series of sketches of colorful abstract Arabian horses galloping home to the call of their delighted young equestrians.

    Cantering Horse 
  • A Royal Unicorn NFT A Royal Unicorn  When our four daughters were young, I’d tell them a bedtime story about the Secret Kingdom, where a herd of Royal Unicorns lived deep in the mountains.

    Royal Unicorn

    A Royal Unicorn NFT When our daughters were young, I’d tell them a story about the fabled Unicorns of the Secret Kingdom, hidden deep in the snowy mountains. 

    Royal Unicorn 
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